Scenarios Where we Specialize

I. Green Card through Marriage

MYUSIMMIGRATIONLAWYER has extensive experience filing permanent residency (green card) applications for families in the United States of America and Abroad.  These applications sometimes seem easy to some but they are often denied because of the complex laws and regulations on which the green card petition is based.  We often see cases where applicants answer questions improperly because they are unsure of the question which cause problems in the long run.  Applicants are better served when they hire an experienced attorney file their case because it ensures proper processing and lends credibility to their application.

II. Sponsorship of a parent, child, or spouse

A parent can sponsor their child for green card approval where they are the  biological or adoptive parent. A parent can sponsor a child of any age.  However, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has varying processing times.  These processing times depend on whether the child is under 21 years old, married, or has other inadmissibility issues.

III. Sponsorship of a Fiance

U.S. Citizens often marry  persons from other countries.  As such the general rule is that a citizen domiciled within the United States must first obtain a Fiance Visa for their prospective spouse.  That spouse must then come to the United States for the wedding once the Fiance Visa is approved.  Once in the United States the happy couple must then marry within 90 days.  If no marriage occurs the prospective spouse must return to their country because their immigration documents will have expired.

IV.  Citizenship

United States Citizenship is derived in two ways: birth or naturalization.  A child need only have one U.S. Citizen parent to derive citizenship.  If the child’s parent(s) was a citizen anytime before the child turns 18 years old then the child automatically derives their citizenship status from their parent.  A spouse may obtain citizenship through marriage only after they have successfully navigated the green card process (conditional and 10 year green card).

V. Unlawful Entry into the United States (Waiver of Inadmissibility)

At varying times in recent history there  have been significant influxes of immigrants who entered the country not just illegally but who were inspected by an immigration officer and granted entry even though their documents were either fraudulent or belonged to another person.  Immigration provides for certain pathways to permanent residency for these applicants.  MYUSIMMIGRATIONLAWYER is experienced with these types of applications and can help those who entered the country under these or similar circumstances.